Beta Federal Signal Omega 90 1.0.6

A very weird but cool sounding siren.

  1. Update 1.0.5

    Aesthetical 2
    - made the dual tone sound better
    - added another dual tone

    yeah that's it but it should be better
  2. Update 1.0.6

    Aesthetical 2
    fixed an error i did
  3. Update 1.0.4

    Aesthetical 2
    Added new stuff!
    New tone: Priority
    Several new combinations of sirens
    Dual-tone! :O
    Sweep (with air horn)

    New Resource Name and File Name
    Note for the name change: Found out later the 8001 and 90 are the SAME siren. The amplifier they use is the 90 amplifier. There are switches inside that change the sweep tones (like wail + yelp and sweep with air horn) 8001 and 90s are just different control heads. Therefore there will be a change of the name. (also version skip since i deleted the other...
  4. Update 1.0.2

    Aesthetical 2
    -Fixed Airhorn function (should play now)
  5. Update 1.0.1

    Aesthetical 2
    -Airhorn function added (in horn options)
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