Beta Falconé Rocket 1.0

Not a Corvette

  1. mustangporsche67
    After hours of work, im proud to release my latest and greatest autobeam mod, the Falconé Rocket! its a late 60's roadster with a 300hp V8. Comes with a few variants, the 357, 357 showcase car (the blue one in the photos), the 496 S/S factory racer (a grand sport based race car), and the Factory Gasser (a 9.2 sec quarter mile beast with 800hp!)
    It also includes a 100% custom interior!

    Enjoy! -MP67

    screenshot_2022-04-03_11-19-23.png screenshot_2022-04-03_11-21-21.png screenshot_2022-04-03_11-21-36.png screenshot_2022-04-03_11-22-05.png screenshot_2022-04-17_18-35-51.png

Recent Reviews

  1. moses72
    Version: 1.0
    damn this is really good!
    also universal wheels maybe? i think automation added universal beam wheels in a patch
    1. mustangporsche67
      Author's Response
      If you go to the vehicle configurator, and then to suspension and where wheels would be, it should already be there.
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