Alpha Fait Enginepack 0.7

This adds new engines, and parts to the Fait One

  1. I6!! More engines, custom fuel rail with more power. Slammed coilovers

    This update entails
    • 1jz engine with custom fuel rail and three stages of turbo!
    • Pessima engine port
    • updated Turbo_Revenge config, and a few options for the turbo it has!
    • Custom low torque and hp engine, actually it is a 2 stroke engine. With 38 hp.

    1jz ported engine
    38bhp 2 stroke engine at 0.8L
    This config includes the engine from the pessima
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  2. New engine and configs, more coming.

    This update includes three new configs and a few features.
    What has been added
    1. The engine added is the 378 cui from the Moonhawk.
    2. New differentials
    3. Electronic stability control and traction control
    4. Drag radials and 5- lug support for the rear axle. Specifically for the drag edition.... Uh oops :cool:
    5. (ABS) Anti Lock brakes...
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