Beta ETK800 Hybrid 8.0.1

Full hybrid versions of the ETK800 hatchback car

  1. Better and Smoother Power Management

    This is a fairly major update. I rewrote a huge part of the eCVT and Hybrid Controller code to support a different gearing configuration such as in the newer Prius drivetrains as well as other recent eCVT hybrids (Pacifica Hybrid, etc). While doing this, I revamped a good bit of the logic to manage power availability and passive battery charging to maximize both efficiency as well as performance under high-demand situations.

    The system now tries to get the battery to 50% (by default). This means that if the battery is above 50%, it will heavily prioritize "electric assist" and put very little load on the engine except under heavy acceleration. If the battery is below 50%, it will use very little electric assist unless needed for heavy acceleration, and it will put a little extra load on the engine while cruising to try and slowly regain battery charge until it gets near 50%. This ensures that there should always be some battery available for get-up-and-go situations or climbing steep hills, and that during long downhill descents, a significant amount of power can be reclaimed that will then be used to reduce fuel consumption.

    Power is now split between "priority" electric power and "secondary" electric power. Priority power is used when there is a surplus of battery energy, and is the "first" source of power, meaning if possible, all acceleration will be done using priority power. If more acceleration is requested than is available from "priority power", the engine will cover as much as is needed of what remains. If more power is requested than either the engine or the "priority power" can achieve, then "secondary electric power" is used. This "secondary power" is what allows the battery reserve to still be used even when it is below 50% for situations such as climbing hills.

    Lastly, the vehicle will now automatically exit "EV mode" if the battery gets too low, and will prevent the driver from entering EV mode in the first place if there is not enough battery power.

    And, specifically for the ETK800, there is a new configuration called the "Eco Hybrid" with a 4-cylinder engine and a lighter drivetrain, meaning it sacrifices performance in the interest of vastly higher mileage. The previous "Hybrid" model is now called the "Sport Hybrid" model.
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