Beta ETK800 Hybrid 8.0.1

Full hybrid versions of the ETK800 hatchback car

  1. Major Rewrite!

    This update includes a complete rewrite of the hybrid system! (Okay, some of the code is just moved around, but still)

    I took the time to properly organize a lot of code that was sort of tossed together in my initial versions of the hybrid system, and made it much easier to maintain and read. I also spent a lot of time researching hybrid gearboxes and doing a ton of algebra to perfect the equations and simulation logic the mod uses to simulate a hybrid powertrain, and the results are that the BeamNG hybrid powertrain is much more refined and feels way more natural. The efficiency and performance are both greatly improved, and the throttle/brake feel is much better than it used to be.

    In addition, the following notable changes have been made:
    • New custom hybrid gauge cluster for the ETK800 series!
      • Power/charge gauge has replaced the old MPG gauge. It shows the acceleration and regenerative braking power under the tachometer. Keeping the power in the green zone while accelerating minimizes the need for the engine to come on!
      • New "EV" icon lights up when the car is on, but the engine's not running (auto-stop mode).
      • The tachometer actually moves between "Off" and "Ready" depending on if the vehicle is actually powered off, or powered on with the engine not running.
      • A battery indicator between the digital speedometer and the temperature display shows the current state-of-charge of the hybrid battery
      • The gauges do a really cool sweeping animation when you first power up the car, and the whole dashboard goes dark when powering the car off. Try it, it's cool.
    • "Fast Charge" mode has been removed. A new "Charge Hold" mode has been added, which can be engaged with the same keyboard shortcut (Shift+E) at any time (not just in Park) and will attempt to charge the battery even while driving.
    • Refined powertrain device tree. eCVT now has its own built-in torque limiting clutch, so no separate clutch device is required.
      • Instead of cheating and using an AWD transfer case like before (which is never the case on a Toyota-styled hybrid vehicle), I actually put a third electric motor in the rear differential on the Sport and Race models of the ETK800
      • The rear electric motor has its own tuneable parameters just like the two motors in the eCVT
      • The hybrid system will automatically reallocate up to a certain amount of electric torque from the front drive motor (MG2) to the rear one (MGR) during acceleration or regenerative braking to improve traction on slippery surfaces or while launching the vehicle
      • Easy to add to any configuration: Just add the Electric Rear Differential part instead of a regular Rear Differential. No additional driveshafts/transfer cases required!
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