ETK-Schwerin Pack 2.0.2

"Luxury and sportiness in one"

  1. 2.0.2 Hotfix

    -Fixed 4.4 V8 overheating problem, because of that torque curve is little bit different
    -Schwerin S8 gauge textures redone
    -Improved Schwerin S8 configs
  2. 2.0.1 Hotfix

    -Added Schwerin S8 configs
  3. Schwerin Pack 2.0 Remaster - Part 1

    I decided to make remaster of this mod, I put 2 months of work in it to make it better, enjoy!

    -Engines full rework - New models and torque curves
    -New trims - S , Sx and G (Soon in 2.1)
    -New lettering textures - New Schwerin logo and cooler font
    -Liveries redone
    -.cdae files are now in .zip
    -More mechanical and visual changes for Schwerin variants

    screenshot_2022-09-20_14-53-30.png screenshot_2022-09-20_14-54-48.png screenshot_2022-09-20_14-59-24.png screenshot_2022-09-21_20-15-28.png screenshot_2022-09-21_20-15-38.png ...
  4. Hotfix

    -Driftbox Wheels Core 1.0 Support
  5. Schwerin S8

    -Added Schwerin S8 (ETK800)
    -Added Supercharged 4.5 V8 for ETK800
  6. Hotfix

    -Fixed red gauges bug
    -Added missing exhaust headers
    -Changed license plate text
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