Unsupported ETK S-Series 2.51

Brand new ETK luxury sedan

  1. Glorious Version 1 Update , leaving Beta!

    Clear cache before you use this update!
    S-Series Update to Version 1.0

    This Update includes a complete jbeam overhaul and the addition of missing features and adjustments like the ETK Post-crash stopping system.

    but apart of the internal fixes , theres also new content. The highlight : ttSport GT.

    The ttSport GT is equipped with an even more powerful 470hp engine and a perfectly set up suspension. Visually the car has received a bunch of new wheels (some of you may know them from the VarietyMod) , wide fenders , a ducktail trunk and a unique front lip.

    Another mentionable thing is , that the stock bumper now has DRL's

    i also want to thank @synsol for his incredible amount of help at improving the cars' jbeam and bringing it completely up to date. Thank you!
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