ETK S-Series Beast GTS & Diabol GTS 2.0

High powered Beast GTS and Diabol GTS configurations for ETK S-Series v2.51 by NinetyNine!

  1. compatibility update

    • fixed the Vmax variable turbocharger to work with latest updates of the game ( & car mod (v2.51)
    • added 7-speed sequential gearbox to 2 configs
    • removed the version-fix from the zip-file
  2. jbeam naming compliance update

    • updated jbeam naming
    • remeasured acceleration times for the performance tab
  3. Added oil cooler and corrected typos.

    • fixed folder structure, now zip-file is working in the beamng mod folder
    • added an oil cooler to the radiator jbeam
    • fixed some typos in the info
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