ETK K Series ttSport Config Pack 1.0

New engine option and new trim levels for the ETK K Series

  1. AbyssWalker240

    Pictured is the torque curve for the standard ttSport engine with 490 hp

    ETK K Series ttSport

    The ttSport includes ttSport adaptive suspension, ttSport brakes, ttSport leather sport seats, and a brand new ttSport engine.

    The new ttSport powerplant is the kc6t engine with upgraded internals, cams, and turbos tuned to make almost 500 hp!

    There is also a ttSport+ config with 550 hp, a DCT, and race brakes.

    Also uses my latest custom ETK i6 sounds version 1.3

    Mod to-do list:

    - kc4tts with better brakes and slightly more power

    - Another config (ttSport+ perhaps) with race brakes, rear wing, and a new engine with around 540 hp
    - RWD configs


    Put on hold
    - ttSport trunk with a lip spoiler for standard ttSport (I'm brand new at modelling and Jbeam so mostly me figuring it out)


    To enjoy this mod to its full capacity, or even the entire K Series or other modern vehicles, I HIGHLY recommend you go check out this absolute gem of a mod. The Updated Shiftlogic Automatic Transmissions mod adjusts things like aggression settings, torque converter lockup, clutch engagement (for DCTs), and even adds rev-matching to the torque converter automatic. If you have a wheel or controller, this mod makes low-load driving WAY better than the default transmissions. I should note I am in no way connected with the creator (default0.0player) and was not asked to say this, I just think it's such a good mod. Do note that the configs do not include the transmissions added with this mod, you will need to swap the transmission out yourself in the parts selector.

Recent Updates

  1. 1.0 update, all original configs complete

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  1. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 1.0
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