Alpha ETK I-Series E-Type v0.1.1

A stylish makeover of the ETK I-Series to make it look more like an 80s Merc

  1. eBuilder101
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    This is a new project I've been working on - it's essentially a parts pack for the ETK I-Series to make it look more like the old E-Class Mercedes of the late 80s.

    UPDATES HAVE BEEN HALTED DUE TO EXTERNAL FACTORS (this does not account for the approval period)


    - 'E-Type' front grille, hood, front fenders, headlights, signals, bumper signals, foglights, trim, front bumper, rear bumper, (dual) exhaust, grille lettering (black + normal) trunk lettering (2400e + 3000e) and ETK grille emblem
    - 5 new 'ETK' branded hubcaps
    - A custom two-tone paint job
    - 8 custom made configurations (2400e (alt/def) Automatic/Manual, 3000e (alt/def) Automatic/Manual)
    - New hitboxes for shortened front + rear bumpers
    - New US + EU front license plate positions to match shortened bumpers

    Upcoming Features:

    - New rear end (trunk + taillight design)
    - Antenna
    - Body coloured trim
    - Brigsby body kit compatibility?

    Please leave any suggestions of upcoming features you want in the 'Forum Page' ( The mod is updated regularly so expect some changes to be made.


    For pictures, see below (vvv).


    For issues, see 'Content Creation Page' (


    I am quite aware that (the idea and appearance of) my mod is rather similar to a lot of other 'mercedes' mods, and I am happy to embrace this. This really is only my second mod, and it's certainly the first that I've put significant effort into, so thank you all for taking the time to acknowledge its existence.

    For those of you worried about copyright issues and the like, though I have taken inspiration from other projects, all of the models and files from this mod are either original, or have been modified from the default game files.

    Any who decide to re-upload or re-distribute this mod or its files WITHOUT PERMISSION (DM me) shall be smitten by the holy hand of the BeamNG devs.

    Date of first release (not considering approval period): Sunday, May 31st 2020, 17:00 GMT


    1. screenshot_2020-05-31_16-35-50.png
    2. screenshot_2020-05-31_16-36-56.png
    3. 2400e_A.jpg
    4. 2400e_A_alt.jpg
    5. 3000e_A.jpg
    6. 3000e_A_alt.jpg

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. DARIOcaptain
    Version: v0.1.1
    Is it still in development or dead?
    1. eBuilder101
      Author's Response
      At least for now, it is safe to say that the mod is somewhat deceased.
  2. ILoveOldCars
    Version: v0.1.1
    jecoyud1905 I have got same problem on the Bruckell Satyr mod and I just change tires pressure to 30 psi maybe this will work
  3. jecoyud1905
    Version: v0.1.1
    more of the hubcaps fell out but only two hubcaps wont fell out
  4. Destructionater
    Version: v0.1.1
    Could you maybe add the 3L I6 Diesel from 1987? And maybe a 1976-86 300D, my dad had a 87 300D and a 76-86 300D, but never got it running, so this would be amazing to drive with the diesel sounds, maybe some smoke for the diesels?
  5. MayTroniX | R9 295X2
    MayTroniX | R9 295X2
    Version: v0.1.1
  6. Gabriel Pereira Saideles
    Gabriel Pereira Saideles
    Version: v0.1.1
    Great mod!
  7. get_sunny
    Version: v0.1.1
    Good mod man! Nice job the fixtures really fit the LeGran body nicely
  8. Pungpig2
    Version: v0.1.1
    I love it!
  9. iPlayzTG-BMG
    Version: v0.1.1
    Do you think you can edit the rear end so it looks like a Mercedes too?
    1. eBuilder101
      Author's Response
      That is one of the planned features; read the full description. It should be introduced in a few updates' time.
  10. andrzejserafin5
    Version: v0.1.1
    Very Good Car!
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