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Beta ETK Diesel Tuning R1.2.1.hotfix

A.K.A The Environmentalist nightmare

  1. Some quick fix

    Miss Kobayashi
    Fixed the Turbocharger name from only "Turbocharger" to "Stage 1 Turbocharger"
  2. Did someone say... 3 Liter 6 cyl and ETK 800?

    Miss Kobayashi
    I got you. Because this update brings...

    1. 3L Inline 6, Of course it's diesel.
    2. The engine is now available in ETK 800 and ETK K.

    The 3L produces up to 700HP (699 bhp to be accurate) and 1214 lb-ft of torque without nitrous.
    and the Naturally Aspirated one produces 341BHP and 485 lb-ft.
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