Beta ETK Comfort Plus 1.1.0

ETK 800 & ETK 1300 Comfort Plus Upgrade

  1. PotatoCubes


    Hi there!

    First of all, i get the suspension jbeam from kona61's air suspension and i edited it for the newer version of beamng. I also made my own shock absorber for an incredible smooth ride.

    This mod will make your ETK 800 & ETK 1300 really comfortable with upgraded variable spring heights and stiffness that you can change in the tuning's tab.

    I highly recommend to set the front and rear suspension stiffness under 18,000 for maximum comfort, though you need to increase the car's ride height.

    Here's a list on what you get with this mod:
    1. Soft Suspension upgrade for both ETK 800 & ETK 1300
    2. A smooth V8 engine
    3. High Pressure Turbocharger for the V8 Engine
    4. A new 4 cyl diesel engine with low rpm but high torque
    5. Diesel Turbo S with more psi
    6. Muffled Exhaust system for all engines
    7. A CVT transmission, that if you pair it with the V8, it will give you extra smoothness

Recent Reviews

  1. ForZac
    Version: 1.1.0
    Very nice inline 4 !
    1. PotatoCubes
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