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Beta ETK-800 with Ram Plow 1.1

Everyone wants fast, right?

  1. Configuration and Bug Fixes

    Twitch Axis
    • Updated Mod to work with 11.1
    • You no longer have to go into the Part Selector and Change the Front Bumper to the Ram Plow. I made the mod a configuration under the ETK-800 Series. It is 100% operational and tested.
    • Made the front end more stable and less buggy on crashes
    -Occasionally still stops vehicle upon impact, but turning off parking brake and flashers will allow you to drive again. This can also happen if you brake to quickly (like putting on the...
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  2. New zip format

    Twitch Axis
    Made separate file for the .jbeam
  3. Uploaded correct file

    Twitch Axis
    I accidently chose the wrong file and didn't notice until now. ;)
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