Outdated ETK 800 Series Widebody Edition V 0.4.1

Widebody Edition of the ETK 800

  1. Fixed transmission bugs from V0.4

    Just fixed the transmissions :)
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  2. New Parts and fixed Transmission

    Update V0.4
    -Fixed Brakes
    -New Front Bumper (WIP)
    -Different Interior Colours
    -Changed the KM/H Dash (WIP)
    -Drift Version (WIP)
    -Adjustable Ride height
    -Adjustable Camera
    -Fixed manual Transmission
    -New Sound
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  3. New Bumpers and Engines

    -2 Custom Front Bumpers
    -1 ugly Custom Hood
    -3 Custom Exhausttips
    -fixed the Steering Wheel
    -a better engine Sound (still working on it)
    -working presets
    -v6, v8 and a v10 engine (not modeled) with different twin turbo setups
  4. New Engines and Config Fixes

    New Engine Sound

    A lot more Engines and configs
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