ETK 800 Notarzt 1.0

German emergency doctor(Notarzt) Skin and Config

  1. Rotfell
    This mod adds a German Notarzt skin for the ETK 800


    - Installation
    Just drop the ZIP into your Mods folder or press the Install button

    - Don't reupload without my permission

    If you have some Skin ideas, write me a PM!

    Do you enjoy my work? Then it will be nice if you leave a good rating :D

    Have Fun!

Recent Reviews

  1. OlliG
    Version: 1.0
    Das ist irgendwie die ältere Notarzt Lackierung, die ist heute Gelb (zumindest in unserer Region)
    1. Rotfell
      Author's Response
      Leider ist das immer von Region zu Region anders.. Aber am meisten trifft man den an :)
  2. Plymouth Superbird 1970
    Plymouth Superbird 1970
    Version: 1.0
    Nice! I can use this with the normal polizei lightbar and then I could be a notarzt! Because usually modern notarzt wouldn't have a gumball ight.
    1. Rotfell
      Author's Response
      I know but I dont like the ETK Lightbar is saying POLICE because it's a Notarzt :D
  3. Beam ng fan
    Beam ng fan
    Version: 1.0
    I like this mod
    1. Rotfell
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