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Unsupported ETK 800 EV 3.2

Caution: High Voltage - Updated 2/18.

  1. Bringing up to date, fixing bugs

    Hey guys, here's what's changed:
    • Added high pitched (but quiet, it's not annoying) sound to emulate the noise you hear with E-Cars during low loads. Goes away at engine speeds >1200 RPM.
    • Lowered sound level of electric engine noise. I found it to be overbearing and not true to the e-car experience.
    • Updated jbeam files (body, suspension, etc) to the latest ETK-800's files from BeamNG.
    • Updated interior screens to the current versions from BeamNG.
    • Power meter (formerly...
  2. Proper Gauges!

    Remade the gauges with an awesome texture provided by @Darren9 .

    Had guidance from @Godzilla! and @Darren9 , you guys are amazing and I thank you both for educating me on how to do this.

    Now we can see at night! Enjoy!
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  3. Hotfix and a couple of things

    Quick update today:
    • Hotfix for 'Insane' engine revving beyond its rev limiter
    • Remade Insane DirectDrive transmission. The Insane config launches well off the line now; 0-60 I've had as low as 2.6 seconds.
    • Couple of transmission tweaks, mostly insignificant stuffs.
    That's all for now! :)
  4. 3.0-Alpha. Completely Remade



    Version 3.0-Alpha

    This mod was completely remade from its previous versions over the course of a few days. It has been thoroughly updated!

    This mod features!

    • REAL Electric Powertrain Simulation with all the proper engine and jbeam modifications necessary to make this happen!...
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  5. Updated inertia

    Updated inertia values; engines were way too responsive.
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  6. Off-road set and basic updates

    • Added some off-road parts (Diffs, shocks/struts) and a subsequent part config - no plastic bumpers and risen ride height, etc.
    • Re-tuned all transmissions and some engines to fix lag, bad inertia and friction, and jittery acceleration. The Illuminati version is now comparable to Tesla's Ludicrous mode doing 0-60 in under 3 seconds.
    • Replaced Illuminati version tyres with stickier and fatter ones (mostly to help the ABS going nuts upon massive braking)....
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  7. Fixed and Working on 0.56

    6/12/16; Version 2.1:
    Quick update to bring the mod up to spec for the latest version of the game. It works fine again. Gave all trims limited-slip diffs to allay very vibration heavy acceleration in the fast trims. As a result of the previous, the TCS was toned down to normal levels. Nothing else changed.

    Thanks @SushiPro for telling me what was crashing the game!
  8. Added chase camera

    Added the chase camera from the original ETK jbeam.
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  9. Working again, no copyright, better transmissions

    Updated lua files to work with the latest version of the game.

    Redid the preview photos to nix copyright issues.

    Each variant has it's own transmission. No more 30+ ratio one. The base model uses a CVT.

    The engine and battery model plans seem to have fell through. Sorry, use your imagination.

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