ETK 800 - EtkC extension pack 1.01

new i3 base version , All terrain variant and a bunch of tuned presets !

  1. mesh fixes

    meshes fixes attempt #1 (edge split)

    thanks @vmlinuz pointing this out, I'm not sure I can do much better than that !
  2. Major update , new i3 engines , offroad variants

    • Two new 3 cylinders engines 1.5t (petrol and diesel) :

    • A new interior choice "Basic" less chrome and smaller Gps :
  3. For 0.6.1 update

    For 0.6.1 update :

    • Updated missing front tires
  4. Update for 0.5.4 (All engines retuned)

    Update for 0.5.4 (All engines retuned)
  5. For Beamng 0.5.3 update and bugfixe (thermal effect)

    For Beamng 0.5.3 update and bugfixe
  6. clutch bug

    clutch wrong value bug (thank to @Neidjel for the report)
  7. bugfixes

    bugfixes (remove double exaust spoiler for 4 cylinders)
  8. 0.1b

    updated tacho
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