Beta ETK 156 TT Sport+ (2016) 1.2

The purists hatch, updated

  1. Jammy25
    The ETK 156 TT Sport+


    This vehicle is a fairly fun focused,rear wheel drive 7 speed dual clutch turbocharged i6 hatchback. it has a 3.0 litre 6 cylinder engine. The vehicle now has improved detailing with the addition of detachable parts which detach in a collision to add to the effect. new LED headlights and DRL's also allow you to use the vehicle at night and drive with more precision. The driving dynamics still allow you to hoon this little hatch however you like!
    power 498bhp
    torque 399lb-ft

    HighresScreenshot00405.png HighresScreenshot00406.png HighresScreenshot00407.png HighresScreenshot00408.png HighresScreenshot00409.png HighresScreenshot00410.png HighresScreenshot00411.png HighresScreenshot00412.png HighresScreenshot00413.png HighresScreenshot00414.png

    Enjoy! - Please feel free to tell me how I can improve this vehicle.

Recent Updates

  1. Minor tweakage
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