Beta ETK 1300 5.1

Modern SUV based on the ETK800.

  1. Police and skins update! #5

    Hello once again, im glad to present this big update. Has taken a while but im sure it has everything that has been missing for a while plus an extra that im not going to tell what it is... you have to find it yourself... :)


    *Skins! Finally... got the UV done by daddy Inertia so all credits to him. A template is also available in the files. Added a new Polizei skin that i made myself since the original one looked very boring.

    *Custom police lightbar, gives you the opportunity to control 3 different siren tones and gives you a few different light patterns too with some custom flares, made by Chris_Lucas so all credits to him for this amazing addition. Control the light patterns with alt_m and the siren tones with K and L.

    *More suspension tuning, harder suspension and stronger brakes, updated the extra tire meshes to the new physics model so the car should feel a lot better. Tweaked the weights a little but its barely noticeable.

    And heres the rest of the stuff that i did, i might have forgot something since i do this on my spare time...

    *Configs, updated all the configs with the right colours and setups, plus added the police configs aswell for both EU and US/AU versions. Pictures are placeholders until i get new ones setup, but atleast these are current and updated ones instead of the year old ones i used before.

    *Audio, tweaked the audio a little on the sportier systems to make it less noisy, not sure if its perfect yet but its WIP, as anything else.

    *General cleanup of files and redudant stuff, should be less cluttered in the folders.

    So as you can see i have updated as much as i could to get it to the same level as the etk800 that its based on, so hopefully it should all feel much nicer now. Please enjoy and give me some feedback.
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