Outdated Eolus L-575 Ultralight Trike 1.10

Long airport runways are overrated. Experience the freedom of flying an ultralight trike.

  1. Fix for BeamNG 0.5, input improvements and other stuff! :P

    Delete any older zip of this mod.


    ·Vehicle now works in BeamNG 0.5.
    Not overwriting default lua files any more.

    ·Now using the new vehicle-specific input bindings system introduced in BeamNG 0.5.
    You can now change the custom inputs of the Ultralight Trike in the normal controllers menu.
    Friendly XBox controller inputmap shipped by default (use X and A buttons to change throttle). You can also fully customize...
  2. Now working on new update :)

    Make sure you delete any older version of the mod you might have (delete old ultrike.zip).
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