Enigma 92 Series 1.0

Dads coupé or Racecar, maybe Executive sedan?

  1. NistingurA
    Enigma 92:
    A car to move people about.

    Originating in the early 90s, this car designed by German car manufacturer Enigma envisioned a car that was cheap, simplistic, and yet desireble.
    The car was fistly build as a concept in the beginning of 1990, when the company was struggleing to make cars due to poor management and limited resources.

    The 92, called the 3000 in it´s concept stage, was also supposed to take part in a series known as Group R, which it would later do, with the 92-GSX-RR, a hardcore race version of the car with AWD, Turbocharged engine etc.

    Spec list of all models:

    92-SE (BASE)
    The 92-SE, being the base model, featured, well not alot.
    The car had a 2997ccm 6 cylinder Boxer "6H-SSFE3" engine producing roughly 135hp at 5800 RPM and 225Nm of torque at 2600RPM, which was heavily detuned for street use, and made for fuel efficiency.
    The body and chassis were made from corrosion resistant steel with a monocoque chassis. Furthermore, it featured a basic interior and barely any gadets, not even ABS or Power steering.
    Bodywise, only plastic bumpers, a single exhaust pipe, steel wheels and fog light fillers rounded it up.


    92-SE Sedan
    Similar to the 92-SE Coupe, only has 4 doors instead of 2.
    Same engine and transmission were used.The car was slighly heavier at 1220kg instead of the coupés 1183kg.


    92-SE Sport
    The 92 also got a Sporty "Base" package, with a slightly more powerful 169Hp, thanks to higher compression, richer fuel mixture and also a dual exhaust system with higher flow manifolds.
    Furthermore, it added painted bumpers, mirrors, and fixtures. Also a bonned bulge, a redisigned "Aero" front grill, functional corner vents instead of fillers and a little rear spoiler.
    Suspension wise the dampers were changed to Gas-Mono tubes and the suspension was firmed up and lowered. Tyres were also changed to a more soft compound.

    In 1993 the 92 got a Luxury upmarket "GLE" model. The engine was revised and now featured an aluminium headed DOHC with 4vpc (vales per cylinder) instead of the SE series' SOHC 3vpc cast head.
    The engline also featured forged pistons and conrods, a higher rev-limit, Single point EFI was swapped to Multi point EFI, a higher airflow Intake manifold and a VVT Intake system, resulting in 230HP and 276Nm of torque.
    Body wise, the entire car was available only in "Executive Gray" with body colored trim pieces. The front gained a new special multi slat grill and foglights, the Buldge from the SE-Sport was removed, though it kept the little spoiler lip.
    Furthermore, different 15 inch alloy wheels and more "premium" door handles were fitted, as well as different mirrors. Small headlamp wipers were added. GLE Badging was also put onto the back of the car.
    Going over the drivetrain and interior, vented discs were added to the front, and the interior was completely redone to give off a more premium feeling. ABS and Power steering were standard.


    The GS model, also knows as the Sport, was a Coupe version, with the same engine as the GLE, only with an updated Crank and 276hp, due to improved exhaust and intake manifolds and higher compression and cam-profiles.
    Body wise the whole car was White only, with nicer vents, a hood bulge, rear wing, new mirrors, lighter alloy wheels and lower profile tyres.
    Brakes and suspension were upgraded and marketet towards sporty driving. The interior was lightend with only 4 seats, instead of 5.
    The car was able to corner at over 1g on the skid-pad.


    In 1993 the AWD brother of the GS came along, the GSX. Only gaining a badge, a light metallic blue paint, 4 more horsepower (now 280hp), and awd, the car stayed roughly the same, only gaining better suspension components.
    Altough the AWD system made it heavy and it had a slower topspeed, it´s the model you wanted if you wanted to be the cool kid on the block.

    92-GSX-R (Homologation car for Group R)
    As rules stated, a homologated, road legal series of cars was needed to allow the car to run in Group R. This GSX-R was nothing like the GSX. It had a higher volume 3.2L twin turbo H6 putting out around 444hp and 500Nm of torque.
    The cars were only available in "Brutal Black" with major exterior changes, including a visible intercooler, different headlights, new wheels, a spoiler, bigger foglights and a hood scoop to funnel air into the turbos.
    Interior was very minimalistic and 2 seats only. Including only power steering, the car was a thrill to drive, but also nothing for the unexperienced heart.


    92-GSX-RR (Racecar)
    The RR is probably one of the most hardcore cars the company has ever created. It features a bored up 3.8L 6 cylinder boxer with billet crank, forged conrods and pistons, twin turbos with a maximum boost of 1.8bar. The engine is producing around 900hp and 800Nm of torque. Body wise, it shares only the rims with the GSX-R, the rest is all newly designed tech, such as pure Carbon chassis and body panels and aerodynamic parts. The 2 visible oilcoolers were needed for both transmission and engine/turbo oil cooling.
    Within the racing series, the car was rather unsuccessful however, since it suffered from heavy understeering and shredded it´s tyres quite quickly. Nontheless this is an iconic vehicle and an achievement for the company.


    Editors note: It may not be the prettiest not the best handling car ever. But i´m proud of what is possible with Automation, to make something kinda like reallife, and I´ll definetly continue doing similar things in the future.
    Also this is my first Automation mod upload :p
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