1. TheCrySick
    Note: the modern EMG’s line of car is almost finish, only one last model needs to be released. I am not sure what to do next, I can create some older EMG models (and I already build some of them), or I can create a new fictional brand. Feel free to give me your opinion in the comments, or in PM :)

    Hi everyone!

    Since I am trying to complete the modern EMG’s line of car, I am releasing today the street legal version of the S399 2018, the EMG S360 2018:

    You can see something weird with the front headlight: the led signature pass over the headlight. It’s just an Automation bug, the result in BeamNG is perfectly clean!

    Like the S399, this is an efficient AWD sedan, but because of the increased weight and the less grippy tires, the S360 is less stable in corner, making it way more fun to drive. Also, because of the higher and smoother suspension, this car can drive on any kind of road.

    The S360 use the same 6.4L V8 engine as the S460 2018 and the S250 2019. With the addition of 2 turbochargers, this V8 produce 426hp for this car. The main strength of this engine is its extremely flat torque curve, you will always have some juice under your feet!

    Global specs:

    Like always, feel free to send me any criticism! :)

    My replicas:
    Aston Martin DBS Volante 2009
    Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD 2015
    Ferrari F355 Berlinetta 1995
    Ferrari F355 Challenge 1998
    Ford Falcon XB GT 351c 1973
    Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0L 2000
    McLaren 650S (collaboration with @G-Farce)

    My biggest project:
    race variant: EMG R-One concept 2020
    road variant: EMG S5 s560 2020

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  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    Wow <3
    1. TheCrySick
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)
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