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EMG Antilope 2015 2.1

A monstrous trail machine

  1. TheCrySick
    Hi everyone! :)

    After months of work, I am releasing a new car designed for extreme performances: the EMG Antilope 2015:

    I think everyone understood by seeing those few pictures that this car is out of place on a smooth asphalt circuit. Don’t be afraid, the suspensions of the Antilope are not based on the crappy off-road suspension preset provided by Automation. I have done a lot of .jbeam editing to get the best result possible. Here comes a video to show you what this car is made of! :)

    Please note, this car is definitely not user friendly! It’s not so hard to drive, but it will ask a lot of practice to perfectly master it. So here come some tips:
    • Remember that this car is designed for trail races. It’s like a fusion between an off-road vehicle, and a rally car. The Antilope is way better than a standard off-road vehicle on an asphalt road, but the off-road vehicle will be more efficient on an extremely bumpy road. So, sometime, it can be better to slow down.
    • The 270hp engine is not here for nothing. If you want to try a time trial on a road that you didn’t know, I highly recommend you to train yourself with this less powerful engine, before going with the 410hp V6.
    • Choose your suspension type wisely! If the path you are going to take is overall smooth, use the linear springs and shocks. The car handling is more predictable with those parts. But if the road is not so smooth, or if it presents some small jumps, use the more effective progressive springs and shocks.
    • The Antilope has a multimode ESC (“road”, “all-terrain”, “off-road”). It will provide you some help.

    The Antilope weights 1330kg and can use 2 different engines: a 270hp 3L V6, and a 410hp 3L V6. The main selling point of this beast is its suspensions. It can use two type of coilovers:
    • The linear coilovers: the resistance of the springs and of the shocks will remain the same regardless of the compression level. This is the type of suspension of all conventional vehicles, and all the automation exported cars use this type too.
    • The progressive coilovers: the closer the springs and the shocks are to the stop, the more rigid they will be. This is what is found on high performance all-terrain vehicles.

    I think that’s all I want to say! Like always, feel free to send me any kind of feedback! :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Daaxoo
    Version: 1.0
    Well since you gave me a comprehenisve review, I'll try to do the same... :)

    Love the car! Especially the 270hp variant, the other two are bit too powerful for their handling, in my opinion. Too easy to overdrive them and end up on the back in the brush. XD

    Tested them on Endurodrome, as I do with all of my offroad designs, and they did well, for the most part. But I can definitely tell you focused more on handling smoothness and cutting weight, then resilience. The MacPherson front suspension is a major weakness, in my view. They are notorious for losing wheels very easily if they hit a bump wrong, since they only have one wishbone, as opposed to the Double Wishbone suspension design. If that wishbone snaps, the wheel flies off. None of the three models made it past the second lap on En, and all due to snapped-off front wheels.

    Secondly, i believe a simple Ladder chassis would do better, for a heavy duty offroader. Even if it is a bit heavier then Monocoque, it can take more hits and bumps, and keeps the suspension safer.

    Other then that, the cars are great. Lighter weight definitely helps, they are a bit more snappy in acceleration then my Lexxa, even the 270hp model. But Lexxa is considerably tougher, on the other hand, so... yes. Different design priorities, I'd say lol .

    All in all, great handling cars, for most rally circuits. Just a bit on the flimsy side, when it comes to how much punishment can they take, on a more brutal track like the Endurodrome.
    1. TheCrySick
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! You was not forced you know. :P

      This is exactly why the 270hp variant is here. Even if I really enjoy driving the 410hp variants, they definitively need a lot of practice to master them. x)

      For the low resilience of the car, it’s something that will be fixed soon, the update is awaiting approval since yesterday. :P

      Currently, the Antilope is a fragile sprinter, but since I like to cheat a bit sometime, I have increased the resistance without modifying the the structure of the car with some .jbeam editions.

      Honestly, I am not a big fan of the Endurodrome, so the Antilope is definitively not designed for tracks intended to destroy cars. ;)

      PS: With all the issues you get on your car with an AWD transmission, now I perfectly understand why you have choose to go with a 4WD transmission :)
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