Alpha ELITE WRX V8 Biturbo 1.1

Only 1,700HP

  1. Arthur Sousa
    I'm Brazilian, lover of cars and mechanics and also of the classic songs from the 60s to 2000s.

    This is my "first mod" (since I was already making others, but never posted them) and my first post here.

    - Why didn't you post anything here?

    I never posted anything because I was under 16, but now that I'm 16 I can post something here.

    Today I got some time to finish this project of mine (the car), because my parents have covid I won't go to school for a week.

    So I took a little time to finish this project and post it here so you can rate and give tips on how to make better cars since I'm still a beginner in Automation and in this regard (I've been drawing cars in Paint but nothing compared to 3D projects like automation).

    When I grow up I intend to be a Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineer and I also intend to create and found my own car brand.

    - What will you post today?

    I will show you the Elite WRX, a car with a crude engine, 8.6L V8 Biturbo with 1,600hp if I'm not mistaken. An interior beyond exquisite, a blue paint to envy and a beautiful armored glass that gives vision to the beautiful heart that moves this machine.

    - Images:

    # Details:
    It doesn't have many details because I'm still learning to use automation and its tools, I'm still going to use the 3D editing tools for carsd from Beamng.Drive.

    # Engine:
    No kidding

    # Power?: This is what is not lacking

    # Interior: A little Bruhh ( i am working to be better at this)

    # Lights: I don't know why but automation car lights are always horrible on Beamng Drive, I don't think that's my mistake.

    # Paint: The blue color of the photo taken in Automation is the most beautiful thing in the world, however when you generate the car in Beamng Drive it will come out with a color looking like plastic, sorry, but I don't know why this occurs or if it's just in my

    However, however, I thank those who read this far and enjoy the mod, thank you!

Recent Reviews

  1. GTTR__2013
    Version: 1.1
    nice but the wheels are the same color as the car and when you change it it changes together on my side
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