Outdated EC 999 British Civil Liveries 0.14

A selection of British civil service liveries

  1. Added new Van livery, "Interglobal Rescue Corps"

    284160_20191204170851_1.png 284160_20191204170423_1.png
  2. Fixed Pesima floating lightbar.

    Fixed Pessima floating lightbar.
  3. Fixed colours of the configs for the van after colour map update.

    Fixed colours of the configs for the van after colour map update.
  4. Materials and Colour updates

    Added support for colour mapping.

    Added new design "Rural Counties" for the old ETK which shows off the colour mapping used in this update.
  5. Fix for BNG 0.16

    Fixed the Sunburst after Official 0.16 model reshape.

    Fixed the ETK 800 Series lightbar floating after Official 0.16 model reshape. 0.16 also broke the light flare, so that's disabled for now.

    Fixed the texture wrap for the ETK 800 Series on the rear chevrons.
  6. Fixed Ambulance Sagging

    Fixed issue with Box Ambulance configs being a bit sloppy on the suspensions.

    Fixed fuel level on van configs. Now all vans have full fuel.

    Removed "lightbar options" from vans as it prevented the back doors working.

    Added a new... well old... Ambulance to make it up to ya'. Y'know for having to drive those awful blown-suspension ambulances.


    1. 99990sAmbulanceBox.png
  7. Added new vehicle.

    Added new vehicle: "DfT Collision Investigation" for the Ibishu Pessima Mk II.


    Removed the "Lightbar modes" option for the other vehicles (like the Sunburst) as it broke the cargo doors and tailgates.
  8. Additionaly bugfixes

    Optimised old lightbar. Added Functions to other vehicles. Mapped to "Shift E" because Alt controls aren't UX friendly.

    Fixed missing thumbnail issue for the Ambulances (again).

    Fixed Hirochi Sunburst lightbar.
  9. Optimized lightbars, added function

    Added "lightbar" mode function to lightbars. Control currently mapped to "Shift E" because of issue with using "Alt" key in Windows.
  10. Fixed issue with Sunburst

    Sunburst lightbar was somehow omitted from the previous update.
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