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Outdated EC 111 New Zealand Civil Liveries 0.5

A selection of New Zealand civil service liveries

  1. Fixed Pessima floating lightbar

    Fixed Pessima floating lightbar.
  2. Fix for BNG 0.16

    Fixed Sunburst for new shape in Official 0.16.

    Tweaked the 2019 "Bilingual" paint design to incorporate NZ Police's trendy new "Ten Five" campaign. Remember folks, for non emergencies, it's Ten Five!
  3. Fixed Lightbar on Gen 2 Pessima

    Fixed lightbar not appearing (wrong lightbar) on the Midsize (Ibishu Pessima).


    1. 284160_20190331091811_1.png
  4. Fixed Pessima lightbar timing

    Fixed the timing for the Pessima lightbar.
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