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East Coast USA with Lights! 1.2

East Coast USA with working street lights

  1. added more lights, added missing lamp poles

    My last update just got approved like 10 mins ago (when I write this) and I have seen more things to add/fix to this map

    This is what I did :

    - Added lights to gas station signs.
    - Added missing lamp poles (everything I renamed got deleted for some reason)
    - Deleted more Pointlights and Spotlight + Pointlight- configs as they didnt help with the looks and to improove performance a bit.

    If you have any suggestions or problems regarding this map, feel free to pm me :D
  2. added Lights, fixed missing objects

    Hi there,
    I found out that there were still some "issues" with this map and fixed them.

    - added missing lamp poles to fishing area (dont know the real name)
    - added lights to the sawmill area
    - added lights to the town (3)
    - deleted some pointlights in Pointlight + Spotlight - combinations as they didnt help with the looks and to improve performance a little...

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
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