East Coast U.S.A Winter 4.4

East Coast U.S.A in the dead of winter

  1. Ice color and terain Improvement

    This update changes the color of the ice to look more like ice. It also make it more translucent. The ice now reflects light. I have also improved the snow depth map so that you do not sink into the ground at the edges of the road. How ever you will still sink into the ground if you go far enough off the road. I have add the dirt terrain material under the dirt roads so that they emit particles. This also remove the plants from in the middle of the dirt roads.
    Hope you enjoy the new update.


    1. screenshot_00005.png
    2. screenshot_00006.png
    3. screenshot_00007.png
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  2. Snow, ice and Forest improvement

    This update Makes the ice on the rivers able to be driven on. I have also improved the ice texture. The update also changes all of the snow so that it is deeper and and somewhat slippery. You now need an off-road capable vehicle to drive in the snow. I have also further improved the snow depth around the sawmill. I have also removed all ferns and undergrowth from the forest file. I have also lengthened the day night cycle of the map.
    Hope you enjoy the new update
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  3. Terrain Depth fix

    This Update fixes the terrain depth around the sawmill.
  4. Texture Fix

    This Update fixes the missing ice textures.
  5. Ice Update

    This Update Fixes the decal roads that were overlaid over other roads in ugly ways. It also adds black ice on the roads and add ice to the rivers and and other bodies of water in various places. It also add some ice on the water around the edges of the map. I hope you enjoy this up date.

    Also if anyone has any suggestions for what else I could add please let me know.


    1. east_coast_usa_winter_preview1.png
    2. east_coast_usa_winter_preview2.png
    3. east_coast_usa_winter_preview3.png
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  6. quick fix

    quick fix
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