Beta Duhen Sunstrip

An ancient covet from an ancient game.

  1. Soundfix+some

    Fixed the sounds.
    Updated engines a bit with new sounds and starter.
    Added nos (yes, this old since last update)
    Finished renaming bits from hatch.
    Adjusted the speedometer and tachometer to match better their #
    Fixed the hatch gauge thingy where the hatch would have missing gauge materials after using the duhen

    Its been a while...
    Enjoy :)
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  2. Bugfix update

    This update fixes a few bugs reported by users, this includes:
    fixes for the floating broken glass textures on the door
    steering wheel column fix
    Added door interior texture
    Added stock front bumper grille texture
    weird taillight textures fix
    it also fixes the difficult to break tailgate glass from the bubblehen.
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