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Driving Scenario Pack 1.5

Simple driving and handling scenarios

  1. DaddelZeit
    Welcome to the world of driving in BeamNG.drive!
    This pack adds 10 scenarios, none of them being
    very hard. All of these Scenarios focus on
    being fun and simple.

    Awesome review by @UkDrifter (UK):

    10 tested Scenarios:
    1. Electric Hypermiling (East Coast USA)
    Desc.: Your Vivace is low on battery.
    Can you get to the nearest charging point,
    in the town?

    2. Gravity Off-Road
    Desc.: You have not a single drop of fuel left!
    Can you use your Gavril D15 'Zeta' to roll down the mountain?

    3. Gravitymiling
    Desc.: Your Vivace's battery is fully exhausted.
    Can you load the battery by rolling down the hill and get to the
    nearby busstop?

    4. Hypermiling (Industrial)
    Desc.: You're tasked with showing off the fuel efficiency
    of the brand new ETK800. Can you do 1 Lap around the map without
    crashing or running out of fuel?

    5. Hypermiling (West Coast USA)
    Desc.: Your loyal V8 Special Moonhawk is low on fuel.
    Can you get to the nearest fuelstation with only a
    few drops of fuel left?

    6. Tanker Delivery (Industrial)
    Desc.: Deliver a tanker trailer with your Gavril T75 to the Port.
    Increase your road height with G!

    7. Tanker Delivery (Utah)
    Desc.: Deliver a tanker trailer with your Gavril T75
    to the Auto Repair Shop.

    8. Container Delivery (Utah)
    Desc.: Deliver a container on a flatbed trailer with your
    Gavril T75 to the Construction Site. Drive very careful -
    it's not as secure as it seems!

    9. Tanker Delivery - The long way (Utah)
    Desc.: Deliver a tanker trailer with your
    Gavril T75 to the Tourist Area.
    Thank you @Grind86 for your idea!

    10. Overloaded Bird
    Desc.: Deliver a box of [REDACTED]
    with 550kg of weight to castello.
    Thank you @CaptainZoll for your idea!

    (no bugs known)

    Please use the discussion section
    to report bugs!

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Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.5
    Cool scenarios. Play to the music, relax.
    1. DaddelZeit
  2. Szymon2007
    Version: 1.5
    wher birb description
    1. DaddelZeit
      Author's Response
      ad birb description now
  3. Ali Hikmet
    Ali Hikmet
    Version: 1.1
    I always enjoyed simple scenarios. Thanks for sharing this!
    1. DaddelZeit
      Author's Response
      Thank you for reviewing this!
  4. brianmoyano
    Version: 1.1
    Sorry, I don't know where's the discussion thread, but I think there's a bug in the first scenario. In the first one (Electric Hypermiling) in the 7/12 checkpoint, I think it's badly placed. I'm entering the city but and there's a black checkpoint there, but I see there's a red checkpoint in the opposite corner of the map.
    1. DaddelZeit
      Author's Response
      Bug is noted and will be fixed! Thank you for informing me.
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