Beta DriverTech's Chopped Fenders 3.0

Hacksaw go br

  1. DriverTech
    This mod is really simple, it cuts off the rear half of the dove fenders for the D series off road frame!

    The Main purpose of this mod is to allow better articulation while rock crawling, while still having some fender there to help slide against rocks as well as fill the space visually

    Current version now includes 3 different fender options! 2 "Chopped" options, and an alternate cut Option for the wide fenders!
    Pictures below!

    The Chopped Dove, and Chopped Wide Fenders are Mainly for Crawling applications, and the Alt Cut Wide Fenders are more for desert racing, and large jumps. They don't let the tires flex a whole lot more, however the hole cut in the top allows them to travel further on a big jump or hard landing without grabbing the fender and binding up!

    Vanilla Fenders:

    Chopped Dove Fenders:

    Chopped Wide Fenders:
    Alt Chopped Wide Fenders:

    If you run into any problems with the mod, Just let me know! It is my first mod, so their is likely some iffy stuff with it.

    Huge Thanks to Isaac.Helton over at BDR for walking me through how to make this mod, as well as Helping with the JBeam

    Beamng Devs for Base models and Base Jbeams
    Isaac.Helton for Modifying Jbeam for Dove and Wide chopped Fenders as well as helping me with the mod as a whole

Recent Updates

  1. New Fender Type Added
  2. New Cut Fender Variant

Recent Reviews

  1. PonkerDonker
    Version: 3.0
    Good mod, but what is the map in the first 4 pics?
    1. DriverTech
      Author's Response
      Thanks! and the map is a WIP Colorado Map by Gen1Toyota in the BeamWheeler Discord server!
  2. LoneWolf127
    Version: 1.0
    Hacksaw do go brrr indeed
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