Unsupported Driven To Destruction: Mankato V1.0.2

The Mankato track from Driven To Destruction

  1. Darthbob555
    This is a track from a game called "Driven to Destruction" (also known as Test Drive: Eve of Destruction). This track is Mankato; an asphalt track consisting of the standard oval type races.

    Disclaimers (reasons for mid Beta stage):
    • This is NOT a port of the actual track and is instead manually made.
    • Also, this map IS NOT FULLY FINISHED! (expect some updates in the future. I released this as it is good enough to be used for the upcoming scenarios)
    • The powerlines do not have a collision mesh as it is custom rendered and have not sorted that out yet
    • Lastly, the terrain around the square IS NOT PART OF THE DRIVEABLE MAP (you can drive on it but expect graphical and collision mesh issues)

    It is not 100% accurate as, like I said, it is not a port. This means that it may seem much different to the actual one however the MAIN features (oval track, lights etc) are in the correct places. One reason for it not being 100% accurate is that there are no camera controls in Driven to Destruction and so you cannot checkout the scenery without being attached to the car at all times.

    That being said, using the map from the game as a template, the following I believe are correctly placed:

    • The power station/factory to the South of the map is correct to that of the map
    • The power lines in the background all around are placed somewhat consistently (custom modeled)
    • The pits to the West of the map
    However, the lights that overlook the track are NOT in the correct spaces as there are not many lights in the game's version of the map and so, to make it look right at night, I added them in.

    All of the lamps have realistic light effects and the power lines will have blue electricity effects. The pits and the stands also have a lighting effect for the night races.

    The scenarios that will be based on this map are not included as this map was not planned as such (basically, the derby map would not suffice for some of the events I planned). Currently, the scenarios are not actually made and so the following link has scenarios that only augment the derby arenas map: http://www.beamng.com/resources/driven-to-destruction-eve-events.1238/

    With that being said, scenarios will be made in due course and, without further ado, have some snapshots!:

    screenshot_00003.png screenshot_00004.png screenshot_00005.png screenshot_00006.png screenshot_00008.png screenshot_00009.png screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00012.png
    View attachment 169545
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  1. AI and name changes
  2. Fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. Dman HUN
    Dman HUN
    Version: V1.0.2
    the ai is alwase drives into the walls....fix it!
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      This is the final time I will say this: I cannot make the AI work better, the AI is coded within BeamNG and I cannot change how they make it work.
  2. Ori and Naru
    Ori and Naru
    Version: V1.0.2
    Great for Co-op players, i know me and my brother race on this map alot!
  3. tone4366
    Version: V1.0.2
    Thank you... just thank you.... now when you're done with this make Eagan!
  4. jake44
    Version: V1.0.1
    has this map got ai set on it
    1. Darthbob555
      Author's Response
      Not currently but it is planned in the future :)
  5. Nick2006
    Version: V1.0.1
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