Unsupported Driven To Destruction: Eve Events V2.2

Take part in the demolition derby events in Driven To Destruction...in BeamNG.Drive!

  1. Mankato map support

    First of all, this update was delayed, not intention, but of many different factors. Note that this is only half of what was planned but I felt like I should upload something this week as I hadn't done so for a while.
    • Added a point-to-point race for the Mankato map (requires Mankato map)
    • Added a whip around race for the Mankato map (requires Mankato map)
    • Added a PURELY TESTING SCENARIO of the Gauntlet - if you use this, don't expect it to work very well. However, if you do...
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  2. Fixes and improvements (including AI imporvements)

    Some fixes noted during some reviews and further testing (big update with many more scenarios out in due course of his one :))
    • Fixed trees not disappearing in some scenarios (not 100% guaranteed to work)
    • Fixed the names of the point-to-point races
    (The following are for the p2p supercar scenario):
    • Removed the grass in the warehouse so that it looks much more cleaner
    • Fixed the supercars not being able to enter the warehouse
    • Correct the waypoint length of...
  3. Another event type: The Point To Point Race

    • Added three more scenarios which are point-to-point based.
    screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00002.png screenshot_00003.png
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  4. AI imporvements

    • Tried to increase the chance of the AI making the turns - tried and tested and it seemed much better (AI does sometimes still get stuck though)
    • Also added another SBR (requested) to the first scenario
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