Unsupported Driven To Destruction: Eve Events V2.2

Take part in the demolition derby events in Driven To Destruction...in BeamNG.Drive!

  1. Mankato map support

    First of all, this update was delayed, not intention, but of many different factors. Note that this is only half of what was planned but I felt like I should upload something this week as I hadn't done so for a while.
    • Added a point-to-point race for the Mankato map (requires Mankato map)
    • Added a whip around race for the Mankato map (requires Mankato map)
    • Added a PURELY TESTING SCENARIO of the Gauntlet - if you use this, don't expect it to work very well. However, if you do play this scenario, give feedback in the discussion tab
    gauntletB.png p2pD.png whiparoundD.png
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