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Drive The Pigeon 1.0.3

Ten scenarios with varying difficulties; where you have to control your crazy little friend!

  1. Third Minor Update

    • The code is discarded now where scenario used to fail if you stopped moving after acceleration.
    • This means you can now collect any missed checkpoint if you slipped out or forgot to go through it :)
    • Truly apologize for SOMEONE who had hard time winning races
    Note: Only works for race with rival(s) scenarios i.e. 7, 9 and 10.
  2. Second minor update for DTP

    • This update brings a little change in dialogues where it was kind of like ...."WHAT? ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY" at some point.
    • Also in sixth scenario, there is a ramp added so that you land perfectly on the inflated mat without damaging your Pigeon! :p and also new thumbnail
    • Enjoy :)
  3. Slight update for second scenario

    • Added one more checkpoint in 2nd scenario.
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