Experimental Drivable Garage 0.5a

Ever felt that your car was lonely without the other cars?

  1. Vibestation 5
    Now you can drive in your garage! Spawn multiple cars at once. And even turn on/off the lights whilst being able to drive about. The Garage itself, can fit a plane inside. A small one that is.

    Known Issues (All Vanilla-related)
    -No Collision

    (The SUV And Hatchback are unreleased.)

    @DaddelZeit- Imgui Code
    Me: Making it standalone& the concept of it.
    BeamNG: Garage V2 Assets

Recent Reviews

  1. F355
    Version: 0.5a
    Amaizing, perfect for screenshots and showcases!!
  2. PowerstrokeHD
    Version: 0.5a
    I'm sad. I really wanted a drivable garage to do a police chase with.
    1. Vibestation 5
      Author's Response
      I’m sorry about that.
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