Beta Drifting UI 0.5b

A UI Indicator for Slip angle and points for your awesome drifts, with changeable styles

  1. zorilya
    Hey there folks,

    I've enjoyed my time drifting around in Beam NG... In fact it's pretty much exclusively what I do in there, aside from the occasion rally about in the forest.

    I wanted a little something to "quantify" for whatever reason.

    This dial has the ability to show you, at a glance:

    your slip angle - the green meter
    (expressed here as a multiplier to the points you get).

    How hard your tires are burning - blue lighting
    (would be if we had tire smoke).

    Dark and a light themes (Toggle with the circle button)

    An indicator for when your drift ends due to a collision.
    (A hard one, Taps give you modifiers!)

    As you drift, the scoring system will add points onto your total for as long as you keep the drift going. The amount that is added on each time is increased:
    - The more slip angle you have,
    - The more speed you have, and
    - The more rubber you burn!

    Throughout your drift you will gain modifiers for:
    - Transitions, and
    - Taps (e.g a gentle tap of the bumper that doesn't throw the car around)

    If you crash too hard or slide to a halt(uncontrolled) it will end your drift without scoring. Essentially, as long as regain traction whilst moving, you will score for your drift!

    you can reset the total score by clicking on the "Total" box.
    you can toggle the theme by clicking the little circle button next to the score boxes.
    you can toggle the gauge display between showing degrees or showing modifiers.
    you can switch the information being displayed in the middle boxes using the button between them.

    Works with all all cars as long as they have wheels :) (as far as i know)

    Any questions, let me know.

    Have fun!
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Recent Reviews

  1. taizai
    Version: 0.5b
    l got 16808. all a can say is...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. PinheadLarry
    Version: 0.5b
    Killed lots of time with it, but my one complaint is high point + multiplier counters don't work. Just had a massive drift session in my Pessima with a point+multiplier of 5,023*103 and it didn't add it to the total or anything.
    1. zorilya
      Author's Response
      That is odd. how did the drift end? Moving, stopped or in a crash?

      I ask because as long as you are going above 1Mph when you finish it should add the points.
  3. DriftinCovet1987
    Version: 0.5
    One of the smallest mods I currently have, but also one of the most fun. Now, I have a reason to drift besides for merely hooning around.
  4. dandieline
    Version: 0.4b
    Very enjoyable, thanks mate
  5. Lolbit0815
    Version: 0.4b
    You need to play in lowest graphic, there is tire smoke
    1. zorilya
      Author's Response
      Not enough !!! hehe
  6. ManfredE3
    Version: 0.4b
    Love it
  7. thomatoes50
    Version: 0.3c
    Fixed all the problems, Noice
  8. Chrystale
    Version: 0.3c
    But isn't BeamNG's FFB weak though?
    1. zorilya
      Author's Response
      One way to make the steering to respond better for drifting is to roll back the caster on the steering rack. This tends to make the weight changes in the car more apparent through the wheel helping reactions.

      As far as FFB goes I feel like the forces going through the car are simulated about as well as we can expect. However, when it comes to the feel a car through the wheel, all the most accurate suspension, drive train, and body flex simulation in the world can't save cars from feeling vague if you don't have it where the rubber meets the road.

      A good tire model makes a world of difference, hence why the team making Beam NG have been working on improvements for a long time, The last big update to the tire model for Beam NG (over a year ago i think) made driving and drifting feel a whole lot better and it'll improve still with a more accurate tire model.

      Give drifting a try. I recommend the ETK I series track car with drift steering. Grips when you need it to, slides when you don't :)
  9. Squatch32560
    Version: 0.1b
    Yes, Grid has this, and I used it so much.
  10. CrazyFlySquid
    Version: 0.1b
    This seriously seems like time traveled to the future and stole this from a drifting scenario!
    1. zorilya
      Author's Response
      If by that you mean to say it doesn't seem out of place, then I appreciate that. :)
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