Alpha Driftbox Wheels Addon 1.0

Very small addon needed for some of my mods configs to work properly

  1. 1.0 Release

    -Mod Redone
    -Removed unused wheels
  2. Next Update

    Next Update
  3. update

  4. Very small update

    this update was only released only because of one of my mods, therefore it adds totally nothing. I promise there will be more content in the next update

    -Added new size for TIMS Kodaira (16x8)
    -Added Pink Alder Basketweave (14x7)
    -Reduced mod size
  5. Driftbox Wheel Recolors - 1

    -Added 15x8 Black TIMS Kodaira (4-lug)
    -Added 17x8 Bronze Folk ET73 (5-lug)

    More sizes and colors will be added soon!
    screenshot_2022-03-13_10-09-02.png screenshot_2022-03-13_10-10-24.png
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