Dinita CX220 1.0

An inexpensive luxury compact sedan that you can buy for less than $ 50,000.

  1. taa
    Luxury sedans are a symbol of power.
    However, only the richest people in another dimension who really have a lot of money can own the finest cars.
    But even if it's not the finest, there are options for the little rich who want a luxury sedan. The CX220 is a small model of the Dinita series.
    It can be purchased for less than $ 50,000 and is equipped with a 2.2L in-line 6-cylinder engine for a sporty ride.
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Recent Reviews

  1. itzdaechoindawadaa
    Version: 1.0
    The front looks like a CLS and the rear looks like the Renault Latitude; just brilliant.
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