Alpha DieselMotors 4bt diesel engine for Ibishu Hopper 3.5

This is a set of multiple Diesel engines, including a 4bt and a 4bta for the Hopper

  1. Better torque curve, fixed differentials, works with 0.11 now! Nitrous all the way!!

    Welcome to the most realistic torque curve for my DieselMotors Hopper ever, besides n2o and proper pops from the exhaust.
  2. Reinvented - DieselMotors Hopper with proper torque specs, hp and much more. Dump the old garbage!

    This update fixes alot of false tuning, my early stage issues are now solved. The hopper is great again, thanks to DieselMotors. Forget those new engines, keep the torque train goin!! Keep offroading, make the hopper great again with the help of us! We aren't going anywhere, no matter what.




    I even got a proper automatic for this bad boyyyyy!
  3. Sounds added

    Sounds added
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  4. Now with Hybrid engine! Made by AdamB

    This mod is now sporting a very nice prototype DieselMotors 4bt Hybrid. Thanks to AdamB! Please enjoy, and rock crawl safely!

    Whats new, 4.00 lockable diffs
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  5. New Configs!

    This update adds new configs including a new Jurassic Hopper. As well as a more realistic approach to exhaust particulates! Please enjoy, don't forget to leave a review.


    1. DieselMotors_Jurassic_Hopper.png
    2. DieselMotors_4bta_OverkillTurbo.png
    3. DieselMotors_4bta_488Diff.png
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  6. DieselMotors

    This is the new update to fix the hopper.
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