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Outdated Diesel ETK I series 0.2.5

Adds Diesels

  1. Moar Turbos

    3&4 Stage Turbos, cant remember the values on the top of my head. But here are the Torque Curves:


    1. 2016-10-03 (1).png
    2. 2016-10-03 (2).png
    3. 2016-10-03 (3).png
    4. 2016-10-03.png
  2. Torque Curve Smoothing

    Smooths out the 3.0 (less wavy) torque curve, changes the zip name to avoid any mishaps and adds a 6spd automatic transmission.


    1. 2016-08-19 (4).png
    2. 2016-08-19 (5).png
    3. 2016-08-19 (6).png
  3. Turbos!

    Yep, Turbochargers.
    2 stages for each engine.

    2.4 NA=180nm/99hp
    2.4 S1=312nm/158hp
    2.4 S2=350nm/180hp

    3.0 NA=312nm/139hp
    3.0 S1=424nm/189hp
    3.0 S2=592nm/275hp

    All redlining at 5k rpm
  4. zip fix

    zip fix
  5. Fixed possible transmission bug

    Fixed possible transmission bug, where the 3.0 I6 wouldnt shift in arcade auto
  6. File update

    Caused a crash, fixed now
  7. File update

    Cleans up code
  8. zip fix

    zip fix
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