Experimental DiamondX Stranger 2020 P-RacingX 1.0

DX Stranger 2020 P-RacingX

  1. Apexio
    hello guys,

    here is one of my cars for you from my german company DiamondX made with automation pc game.

    now, because automation gets a new version without the need of updating mods anymore, i want to show you my builds.

    i will begin completely new, also because the whole game system has changed.
    here is my "DiamondX Stranger 2020 P-RacingX" for you. this version from Stranger model got the biggest engine ever, a V12. It was optimized for better acceleration even with full load or pulling a trailer. It is the fastest street version from the Stranger 2020 P-Offroad.

    And this is my last mod for now.
    I am still waiting for the corrected and fully functional (with export to beam) light functions in automation to have fully working headlights, taillights and so on. Bad to me, this is on dev's list, but one at one of them without priority.

    Basic Information
    V12-60 9.3 DiS, 9303ccm
    Power in PS (hp): 1147
    Torque in Nm: 1147
    Gearbox: 7 manual sequential gear
    differential info: electric slip-limited differential
    Traction/ drive type: AWD
    Seats: 2
    Trunk volume: 3610 L
    Weight in kg: 1995
    max. Speed (km/h): 338
    Acceleration 0-100 km/h (kph): 3,10s
    Braking distance in m (100-0): 27,3
    Emissions (CO2): 96,7
    Year of build: 2020
    different car variations?: yes
    Interior?: no
    working/moving Interior parts?: none
    working exterior parts (eg.wipers): none

    I only updated some mods, most not. I will not make any further updates.
    my cars seems to work well so far in BeamNG latest version 0.24 (none beta).
    all known issues that may occur are still known and shown in former mods.


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