Experimental DiamondX Spowa GT 1.0

DX Spowa GT

  1. Apexio
    hello guys,

    here is one of my cars for you from my german company DiamondX made with automation pc game.

    now, because automation gets a new version without the need of updating mods anymore, i want to show you my builds.

    i will begin completely new, also because the whole game system has changed.
    here is my "DiamondX Spowa GT" for you.

    Basic Information
    B6 X BiT 2.5 BiT, 2500ccm
    Power in PS (hp): 607
    Torque in Nm: 572
    Gearbox: 7 manual gear, dual clutch
    differential info: electric slip-limited differential
    Traction/ drive type: AWD
    Seats: 2
    Trunk volume: 537 L
    Weight in kg: 1443
    max. Speed (km/h): 308
    Acceleration 0-100 km/h (kph): 3,64s
    Braking distance in m (100-0): 34,1
    Emissions (CO2): 999,0
    Year of build: 2019
    different car variations?: yes
    Interior?: no
    working/moving Interior parts?: none
    working exterior parts (eg.wipers): none

    some of my cars are from the early days of automation game till year 2020.

    i only updated some of them, most not. i will not make any updates.
    inbetween i also changed the company logo and chose another decal for my company.

    at first it was the simple owl logo. this was changed to the owl decal with spread wings (looking cooler).
    i chose this owl decal instead of dragons as a loving memory of my wife.

    my cars seems to work well so far in BeamNG latest version 0.24 (none beta).

    issues with former game versions could happen because of updates and changes from beamNG game, especially with beamNG beta version.
    no permission to reproduce, update, upload it somewhere else or actions other than playing. i hope you finally enjoy my car.
    Thx to all modders for all the car bodys, body parts, wheels, decals and so on !

    known issues that may occur:
    -wrong colour vision (not the colour build in with automation)
    -wrong acceleration/ power settings (car hesitates when accelerating, or it seems of letting go off gas)
    -bad suspension settings (suspension sags or suspension is way too soft)
    -because of wrong suspension settings, wheels can be shown or move into cars surface
    -wrong vision from lights (lights seem to be under the vehicle surface, lights dont appear)
    -often bad brakes (simply as the car would have no brakes or very bad ones)
    -bad wheel traction (car wheels spin too much or hardly have any grip)
    -missing decals (decals can be shown as white symbols or are gone completely as non existent, decals with wrong colour)
    -cars back breaks out (cars back breaks out while fast driving, also with front wheel drive)
    -missing sounds
    -differentials not working (differentials dont work, crash the car or such when using/activating it)
    -wrong cooling settings (cars are overheating fast or very fast)
    -using differentials can cause car light issues (lights dont work anymore)
    -wheels damage when loading the car
    -none working lights


    1. HiResPhoto3125.png
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    11. HiResPhoto3140.png
    12. HiResPhoto3142.png
    13. HiResPhoto3143.png
    14. HiResPhoto3145.png
    15. HiResPhoto3146.png
    16. HiResPhoto3149.png
    17. HiResPhoto3150.png
    18. HiResPhoto3152.png
    19. HiResPhoto3155.png
    20. HiResPhoto3157.png
    21. HiResPhoto3158.png
    22. HiResPhoto3162.png
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