Destruction of cars (medium) 1.3

Destruction of cars (middle)

  1. Big update

    In this update, a lot of things were redone and added:
    - sides on the slopes from floor to floor,
    - trees and surroundings,
    - on the ground floor a test with speed bumps was completed and at the end beams were added,
    - jumps on every descent,
    - fencing at each level,
    - test with palm trees on the top floor,
    - guide roads for testing at an average level,
    - The ocean is now under the map.
    At the moment, the card is considered complete. But if there are useful tips in the comments or errors in...
  2. Color update

    Textures have been added in this update. Ramps between levels were also added for ease of movement. Now you can move between levels without using F7.
    If you have any suggestions please write in comments!


    1. 4.png
  3. Destruction of cars (medium)1.1

    This update solve problem with disappearing map.
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