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    Fixed drivers available!
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Destruction of cars (lite) 1.41

Destruction of cars (lite) 1.0

  1. moderation fix

    moderation fix
  2. Green update.

    In this update will be add new objects n the map.
    By popular demand, trees were added. There are 3 types of trees on the map.
    If you have any problems or suggestions, please write them in the comments!


    1. screenshot_2019-08-20_19-28-58.png
  3. Color update!

    This update will add texture to the map and a couple of sides to downhills!

    Please write whether these textures are suitable or need to be changed! If these textures are suitable, then on all my mods they will be replaced by these.


    1. smallgrid_previewjpg.png
  4. Destruction of cars (lite)1.1

    This update solve a problem with disappearing all map.
  5. Destruction of cars (lite)1.1

    This update fixes a problem when installing Destruction of cars (lite) and Destruction of cars (medium) at the same time.
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