Outdated Desert Highway Scenarios! (Being Rebuilt...) 1.5.2

Because I got tired of waiting for someone else to do it.

  1. Dat-Mudkip
    UPDATE 4/5/19
    I only just found out that I uploaded the wrong files Zip files for this mod on December 10th. Unless you are interested in Wario's voiceclips from SSBB, you probably shouldn't download it. I cannot believe I never noticed this glaring issue...

    I got tired of waiting for the original creator of DesertHighway to upload his own scenarios, so I figured "why not try it on my own".
    • 5 Different Scenarios of various difficulties and missions
      • "Desert Overdrive"
      • "Downhill Drive"
      • "Pigeon Panic"
      • "The Bigger They Are..."
      • "Road to Glory"


    Preview Pics:

    In "The Bigger They Are"
    - The A.I. has trouble navigating one corner and occasionally will flip over.
    - The A.I. also occasionally slams on the brakes for no reason. Can't really find the issue that's creating this.
    - A.I. vehicle seems to suffer from turbo overheating on occasions. Have not had the vehicle break down yet, but make sure "Start Engine Preheated" is disabled to be on the safe side.

    In "Pigeon Panic":
    - On occasions, the stabilizers will get stuck together and cars will become welded together. AI eventually will free themselves, but it they can lose a lot of time while stuck together.

    Special thanks to Gamergull who helped me figuring out that coding is a lot more complex than it sounds.

    I might update this in the future, we'll see.

Recent Reviews

  1. Blu3FoxPl4yz
    Version: 1.0
    its not bad, but the vehicle have some trouble with the corners and the brake randomly. which you are right because I read your description. but its pretty fun! I love doing the scenarios!
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