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Beta Demolition Derby Sunday Cup. Vol 1. Four Campaigns and a Multiseat derby with AI. v0.10.4

A multi mod for banger racing using the vanilla cars with less body parts for CPU performance.

  1. Tanner's Gulch grid and car config tidy

    Went over all the Tanner's Gulch races and tidied the grid positioning and add some variety to the car paint colours, also fixed some configs.
  2. Fix for National Championship campaign

    Fixed National Championship campaign

    Just a spelling thing.
  3. Removed the bumpers

    It was worth a try but after further testing I have found that the bumpers are too much for the cpu still, I have removed them again.
  4. More thumbnails

    Added Wrong Turn Raceway thumbnails
  5. Clean up

    Applied the new thumbnail format to all the Tanner's Gulch scenarios
    Clean up and optimization of the vehicle configs
  6. IT'S ALIVE!!!

    After 8 months of non functional AI from a game update, the LUA is finally working again.

    I cannot thank bidwars of the Fairground Derby mod..
    ..for all their help fixing the lua code. It was something that I am just not experienced with so full credit to bidwars for getting this working again.

    Fixed all campaigns
    Started revamping the thumbnails

    Please drop a message in the discussions tab if you are...
  7. Fixed National campaign

    I have had little time to mod for a while now. I totally missed and forgot about sorting this out, so I offer my apologies. It should all work fine now. Please let me know if you have any more issues and thanks to those who let me know about previous issues.

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  8. Removed the RC races.

    Sorry the cars are just too damn old. They barely worked before to be honest. I will look out for a replacement.
  9. Fixed for 0.10

    Feeling much better after the update but, as sounds are handled differently now, I had to remove the gravel and grass noise. I hope to have this back in soon. The update really has boosted this program a lot.
  10. National Cup campaign fix.

    Sorry silly spelling mistake. Now you can get past race 1 in the National Cup campaign, there still may be an issue with further progression resetting you back to the beginning. I am looking into this at the moment.
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