Unsupported Delta Falcon old

An 80's wagon/crossover for off-roading

  1. kravn
    The delta falcon is an 80's wagon/crossover based off the ugly, but cool (in my opinion) AMC eagle. It has an cast iron 120 hp SOHC 12 valve inline-four and makes 190 nm of torque. it weighs in at 3,806 lbs, solid axel coil suspension (front and rear), making it good for off-roading, and has a 4 speed advance automatic transmission. more notable features are 4x4, locking differentials, and gets a solid ten miles per gallon. I don't think any one has made a AMC eagle based vehicle, so i decided to make one and yes, the measurements and other stuff aren't perfect but it looks like one and that is really all that maters,right?

    abbd33bc4423080c81b348ad19895d3a.jpg amc_eagle_4wd_wagon_creme_1980.jpg dashboard.jpg HighresScreenshot00002.png HighresScreenshot00004.png HighresScreenshot00005.png HighresScreenshot00006.png

    A thing i plan to improve on is the wood grain like on the real one, this may or may not be possible as there is no resource on the steam workshop or on automation itself. However, when there is i will update the resource to have it.

    This is my first mod so if i missed a detail from the real vehicle or posted this on the wrong forum let me know. Feel free to ask questions or suggest what vehicles i should make next. hope you enjoy! To install simply click the download button and put it in the mods folder. or just click subscribe.

    As of 10/21/20, this mod doesn't meet my current design standards, Thanks to all who have downloaded my mods. It may sometimes take weeks, months, or even longer for me to fully decide if a project that I am working on is finished and looks representable. I will now focus on producing higher quality and more realistic Automation mods.
    I hope anyone who reads this will understand.
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