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  1. Vance Borton
    screenshot_2019-09-19_15-58-03.png HiResPhoto7.png HiResPhoto8.png HiResPhoto9.png

    This is a test mod built in Automation to simulate a Diesel Pickup 2500.
    817 ft-lbs of torque and 97 hp from idle at 600 rpm and holds about 800-843 ft-lbs all the way to red line of 2700 rpm at about 427 hp. Top speed between 100 and 126 est.

    Trailer hitch for automation is a little glitchy so some trailers may have issues with the receiver.

    Best if used with a touch sensitive controller or racing wheel w/pedals for a softer throttle response.

    Update 1.5.0 coming soon!

    Some new features will include:
    Diesel engine audio.
    Stiffer Suspension for heavier towing.
    Better tires for greater traction under load.
    A ton more torque.

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  1. Coshei
    Version: 1
    Nice concept :)
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