Beta Default LED lightbar pack 0.1

Adds the Sunburst lightbar to every default vehicle.

  1. silvermanblu

    This pack has several modification options that allows you to turn almost every vehicle into a modern police cruiser. It also has several lightbar color options for a truly unique look. Every default car has a "Generic" American style police skin that is fully colorable.

    Known bugs and errors

    The Bolide skin is buggered. I am having issues with the UV map

    The LeGran sedan spawns with some additional lights that spawn on the trunklid. This is a hold over from using the same Jbeam as the wagon. It will be fixed in a future update. Also The wagon and the sedan can not both have the LED lightbar. Still trying to pin that down.

    No configs because I think that takes away from t he idea of the pack. You can add the skin and lightbar and create your own configs. I may change that in the future.


    Why doesn't the Widgeon and Bastion have a skin?

    The widgeon has not been included because I had serious issues with my jbeam I created. Also seemed pointless. The pigeon is fully capable for patrol. The bastion has the lightbar mod but no skins because a lack of a decent UV template. It was not included in the games files. However there are several very good skins for the Bastion.

    Why does (OLD CAR) have a LED based lightbar

    Because I wanted them to. I hope that is a good enough reason

    Why didn't you use the clearly superior Bastion lightbar?
    That will probably come in a future pack. Still learning about changing the colors on it.

    Will you add (CARMODNAME) to your pack?

    Short answer, no. Long answer is that I don't want to clutter up my mod with every car mod. However since most mods are based on default cars you can add the jbeams to any mod pretty easily. And you can do this without permission from me. Credit is nice, but not required.


    1. screenshot_2022-03-10_17-55-40.png
    2. screenshot_2022-03-16_10-30-37.png
    3. screenshot_2022-03-06_02-13-52.png
    4. screenshot_2022-03-08_11-25-50.png
    5. screenshot_2022-03-12_12-39-35.png
    6. screenshot_2022-03-16_00-44-02.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Freddie Holden
    Freddie Holden
    Version: 0.1
    So good! as a Suggestion is it possible to have the different colors on different button such as green as g and amber as a but great work!
  2. Lewhik
    Version: 0.1
    Have been waiting for this
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